City of Minneapolis - 218 North Rock Minneapolis, KS  67467 -  785-392-2176
City of Minneapolis
Barry Hodges, Administrator
218 North Rock Street
Minneapolis, KS  67467
(785) 392-2176
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The City of Minneapolis offers a variety of services for its community. Click here if you would like to see the community demographics.  Other services and links include the following:

City Council
Community Library
Compliance Officer/Building Inspector
Economic Development
Electrial Production and Distribution System
Emergency Medical Services
Fire Department
Recreation Commission
Police Protection (785) 392-3062
Street Maintaince
Sewer System
Water Distribution System
Water Treatment Facility

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Other Community Information:
City Council
and Mayor

Ryan White, Mayor

Kaley Jackson
Hope Spano
Catherine Hoover
Russell Thornton
Dave Sweat
Dr. Kerm Wedel