Points To Consider Before Buying Sash Windows

Sash windows have been part of British history for a few centuries; these are nothing but windows that could slide half-way either vertically or horizontally. The usage has now spread all over the world. If you are one among the many who want to give their house a traditional look or feel that these windows would come handy at your home, then read through the below points that would help you before buying sash windows for your house.

  • Sash windows traditionally have been made of wood. Timber is a good choice. Wood acts as an insulator and is very durable. It can last for centuries. Wood is sometimes perceived as high maintenance but with proper painting and fitting it need not be the case when taken care of properly.
  • uPVC has replaced wood in modern days as they are cost effective and also are water proof. However, they are not as durable as wood as the coatings may evaporate over time and could lead to breaking.
  • A combination of timber on the interior and aluminum on the exterior is also available for better weather resistance.
  • Always use professional sash window fitters to fit the windows at your house. It is not easy to fit them and if they don’t open well or if they are badly fixed, then it defeats the whole purpose of having them in the first place. Sash windows give an authentic and traditional look and the person who fits should have a good idea about it.
  • Ensure that you plan to maintain it properly. Sash windows need proper maintenance as the frame may react to weather conditions and glass may also break. Plan to maintain them well.

Thus, one has to take care of the style of the building, material of the pane and maintenance factors before deciding to use a sash window for their home.