Water Sports Vacation In Koh Samui

A family vacation should be one where you spend some time doing what you otherwise do not have the time to enjoy doing. Traveling to beach properties or ocean sides always allow you explore water sports. What can be more fun than splashing around in the water without a worry about getting back home or having to cook meals for the family?

Koh Samui has a vast variety of sports activity for the adventure-hungry people who throng the islands every year – a wide selection of properties in Chaweng. So, what activities can you look forward to once you reach the island?

  • Jetpacking or Jet Boarding: For those unaware, jet pack or jet boarding is when a jet pack is strapped onto your back which you control with your hands or when your feet are strapped to a jet board. This is connected to a jet ski which powers your movement on the water. There are professionals and experienced personnel who will ensure all safety precautions are met with before you step out.
  • If you are up for a water safari, then sign up for a 3-hour approx. safari on a jet ski that will take you out on a tour of 5-6 islands around the area.
  • This is your chance to explore unchartered waters. If you have never attempted parasailing, this is the right place to do it. With its stunning views, the ride will leave you speechless.

Any water sports enthusiast will love coming to KohSamui. There are many privately owned sports outfits that can help you with an experience of a lifetime. Many times if you are staying at any one of the many villas at KohSamui, the concierge services may also be able to help you out with details of the available water sports. There are submarines for those who prefer staying off the water but would love to see the underwater life, and for the more adventurous, there are options galore.